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Chelmsford Emergency Plumbers are only pure professional Plumbers NO multi skilled ,Handymen or so called Plumbers




Emergency Plumbing Services

We at Chelmsford Emergency Plumbers are fully equipped to carry out all Domestic Plumbing Emergencies, using the best quality materials and professional Plumbers. We don’t employ any multi skilled operatives only pure 100% Plumbers.

Whatever your domestic plumbing problems are then we can offer a reliable affordable service, with our expert knowledge and over 30 Years of experience in the Plumbing industry we can deal with your problem as quickly as possible giving you peace of mind. Below are just a few of the emergencies we deal with on a day to day basis.

  • Emergency repairs to fractured or damaged leaking pipes on copper lead plastic or iron pipe work.

  • Emergency repairs to leaking waste pipes on kitchen sinks baths wash hand basins and showers.

  • Emergency repairs on leaking over-flows on toilet cisterns cold water storage tanks and expansion tanks.

  • Repairs or replacements of leaking or fractured hot water cylinders.

  • Emergency replacement of faulty immersion heaters.

  • Emergency repairs or replacement of cold water storage tanks to by-law 30 standard.

  • Emergency repairs to leaking radiators towel rails or underfloor heating.

  • Leaking taps repaired or replaced.

  • Any type of emergency domestic plumbing repair we can assist you.



Professional Service for all of your drainage problems

Always be careful what you put down your sinks and toilets Fat and grease from cooking will clog up your waste pipes and drains and should not be disposed of down sinks or toilets.Remove fat deposits from frying pans etc. Hair is another culprit for blocking waste pipes and should be prevented from going down your waste pipes whilst washing your hair.

If your toilet cistern is filling slowly and giving a poor flush this is a common fault with blocked toilets, plus the usage of to much toilet paper. If you have any concerns on your waste pipes or drains please call us for friendly advice.

We at Chelmsford Emergency Plumbers are fully equipped to carry out all your internal and external drainage problems. Using up to date equipment and a reliable local service, with over 30 years’ experience.

Below are a few of the emergencies we deal with on a day to day basis, operating  across the Chelmsford area.

                                                                                              Blocked toilets

                                                                                              Blocked baths                 

                                                                                              Blocked shower trays

                                                                                              Blocked kitchen sinks

                                                                                              Blocked main drains 

                                                                                              HIGH TEC CCTV surveys

                                                                                              Drain fault finding service

                                                                                              High pressure water jetting

                                                                                              Complete gutter cleaning service

                                                                                              Repair or replacement of drains

                                                                                              Manhole covers replaced

                                                                                              Gully and drain cleaning service

                                                                                              Basement sump pumps supplied

                                                                                              Blocked Urinals

                                   Below fat blockage 



Installation and Emergency Plumbing Services

Commercial Plumbing Services

We at Chelmsford Emergency Plumbers carry out all types of commercial plumbing, from day to day plumbing, Emergency plumbing repairs and routine maintenance on a Monthly or Weekly basis.

We enjoy working with the Retail sector – Hotels – Guest houses – Care homes – Offices – Schools – Public houses – Restaurant’s – Housing associations – Letting agents – Property Management Companies and Landlords. We are happy to set up 30-day credit accounts. Below are a few examples of the work we can carry out. All our work is carried out only by professional Plumbers and we operate a 24hr reliable emergency service for all your commercial plumbing needs.

  • Urinal maintenance and repairs.

  • Flush controls for urinals supplied and fitted [ preventing water wastage ]

  • Waterless urinals installed and maintained.

  • Sump pumps installed and maintained.

  • No touch flush controls for toilets and taps. [ for hygiene purposes ]

  • Water saving devices supplied and fitted [ for reducing water bills ]

  • Sub water meters supplied and fitted for Landlords etc.

  • Data loggers for water meters

  • Washrooms upgraded [ tiling and redecoration]

  • Blender valves supplied and fitted [ to prevent scalding ]

  • 28mm-110mm copper tube – 1/2inch – 4inch iron pipe

  • Commercial Electric water heaters.

  • Safety equipment [ eye wash stations]

  • Showers supplied maintained and installed

  • Drinking fountains supplied and fitted.

  • Professional tiling service

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