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Always use local Plumbers

Even though you might be in a panick always get a local Plumber it pays in the long run. Getting the best Plumber or heating Engineer for the job, first of all make sure they belong to either Gas Safe for all your gas central heating problems The institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers [CIPHE ] or Water Safe for all your Plumbing related problems that way you can be sure your in safe hands. Never use odd job or multi skilled people to carry out your Heating or Plumbing problems, because you will only get what you pay for and nine times out of ten the job is never done correctly as these type of people never usually keep up with the current by-laws. In a Plumbing Emergency always get clear information from the the Plumbing Company what their charges are, is there a call out charge, whats their hourly or half hourly rate, do they charge VAT and how do they want paying once the job is complete and you are totally statisfied.There are a lot of Companies out there who use semi skilled operatives and sub contractors who will rip you off. Always make sure you get a invoice stating clearly what work has been carried out. If you require some plumbing work carried out always get three quotations not estimates from three registered LOCAL Plumbers.And to keep the cost down a bit use plumbers who are not VAT registered. The average Plumbing Emergency call out takes between 1-2 hours to repair or to make safe, and in a normal working day costs between £80-£120

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