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Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Your stopcock hidden away forgotten about never to be seen again till an emergency happens in your household. For so many years lost behind a kitchen cupboard, washing machine, under the stairs or even under the floor boards. Never seen it, couldn’t tell you were it is, never even knew we had one,they are just some of the answers I have got when I have asked a simple question.

And so the hunt is on as water is pouring out from under your kitchen sink in the early hours of a Sunday morning. Gradually the water is flooding out your kitchen and damaging your kitchen units, as you try to contain it with towels buckets saucepans and anything else you can get hold of. Nothing could be worse and there’s no way of stopping it until you find the one thing that never mattered in your life, even to the point you don’t even know what it looks like, so after you have looked everywhere the next step is your local emergency plumber. But before you start to ring around you have one last thought of where it might be hidden in a cupboard by the front door. So you run to the cupboard open the doors and throw everything out into the hallway, and there it is starring at you in the left hand corner. You try to turn it off but will it turn never in a million years it refuses to budge, seized solid due to neglect. The internal stop cock is your responsibility, the external one in the ground is either your local water authorities depending on which side of the household boundary it is on. The external one might need a key to operate it depending on the age of the property or whether you are on a water meter. Most properties with external water meters are easy to isolate in an emergency if the internal one cannot be found or wont shut off.

Always know where your internal stop cock is sometimes referred as a shut off valve, or stop valve.

Always make sure it can be shut off when needed.

Always make sure it is accessible.

If you can shut it on and off then it would need very little maintenance, only check it a few times a year to make sure it operates.

If yours is seized and won’t shut off, then contact us for free friendly advice on how we can help you out.

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