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Domestic cold water storage tanks

Updated: Jan 28

Has your household got a cold water storage tank hidden away in your loft space, do you know what condition it’s in, do you know what your tank is made from or if it complies with the current water regulations. Are you drinking or cleaning your teeth with tank water.

Is your tank water safe to drink

Cold water storage tanks have been in our lofts for over 80 years and made from various materials like galvanized steel, asbestos cement. But modern tanks are made from polyethylene [ plastic]

This makes them light and flexible to go through loft hatches, and resistant to algae growth.

If a tank is fitted correctly and complies with up to date water regulations, then it should be quite safe to drink. For domestic households the average size of a tank is 250 litres or

approximately 55 gallons. The following criteria is needed to drink from you cold water storage tank.

1] To be made from approved materials and have the WRAS approved logo on the tank.

2] Has a lid which excludes light and is sealed tight and securely fastened.

3] Has a bylaw 30 kit fitted, which includes a screened overflow and a screened vent on lid.

4] Has the correct insulation jacket fitted around the tank and on the lid.

5] Has the correct part 2 ball valve fitted.

6] Is not exposed to sunlight and not located next to any heat source, so the stored water can keep as cold as possible.

7] If two tanks are installed and connected together for more water storage, then particular attention must be made to where the out-lets on the tank are positioned. To prevent a tank becoming stagnant.

Households without cold water storage tanks

More and more homes are being built or upgraded to mains water only, which eliminates the cold water storage tank in the loft area. This idea is not new and has been around for many years especially on the continent.

A household with a combination boiler fitted totally eliminates the cold water storage tank, expansion tank and your hot water cylinder. [ in some installations the hot water cylinder still remains.] All your taps hot and cold are mains fed. This has a great advantage of having no tanks or pipework in your loft area, and being comfortable to drink from any cold tap in the house.

A household with a pressurized cylinder is more popular now than it has ever been, once again this eliminates the cold water storage tank in the loft area, giving mains water to hot and cold taps throughout the house.

Check your cold water storage tank and if you have any concerns or think it needs a further inspection then contact us at for FREE FRENDLY ADVICE.

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