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Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Subject: Re: Incorrect heating installation

On 22 Mar 2019, at 18:49, Terry <> wrote:

The heating system has been upgraded to a combination boiler, The hot/cold supplies to and from the new boiler have been reconnected back into the old 28mm primaries.

The two pipes should have been removed and replaced with new copper pipes.

That’s why the water in the bathroom is discoloured sometimes.

Hi Terry I am letting you know the outcome. Sent the company an email giving them 2 weeks to change the pipes, otherwise I will be taking action. Well they have changed the pipes. They did not argue cause they knew they had done wrong. Now the water is clean. You should of seen the dirty black stuff from the pipes. It was disgusting. I told Mr Jackson that a plumber had looked into it and advised me. I never mentioned any names. I can’t believe how ruthless he was to connect dirty pipes for washing. Even his worker who did the job of putting new pipes was shocked when removing the old pipes. He was covered in black. When I told him of what a disgusting thing had been done, he remained silent and nodded in agreement. Anyway it’s been rectified. I appreciate your help, Thanks Anita

We helped a customer out giving some professional advice on how her heating system had been incorrectly installed.

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