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What to do if you have put a nail through a water pipe

It’s the bank holiday weekend and you feel like a bit of diy so you roll back the bedroom carpet to nail down those loose floor boards, you nail a few boards down and its going well only one more to go. As you nail the last one down you hear a hissing noise its panic time. You have nailed straight through a water pipe and it could be either copper plastic or in older buildings a lead pipe containing water. If you have gone through a gas pipe you would soon smell gas and this would mean shutting off the inlet valve at the gas meter as quickly as possible, so always know where your gas meter is located and if it is in a external box always know where the yellow key is.

First step is to shut off the mains water to the household [ read my blog on internal stop valves ] once that is shut off turn on all hot and cold taps throughout the house till they stop running which could take up to 30 minutes to drain your cold water storage tank in the loft space. If you have a combination boiler or a pressurized cylinder then it should take a few minutes to stop.

If the leak is on either one of the hot or cold services then once the taps have stopped running then the water coming out of the hole should have really slowed down and virtually stopped.

If the water continues to come out of the hole and is taking a long time to stop then this could possibly mean you have gone through a central heating pipe, if you have a combination boiler it should slow down once the pressure has been released and create a vacuum in the heating system and hold much of the water back. If your system is an open vented system then the leak will flow far longer, if this is the case then try and plug the hole with a pencil or piece of wood. If the leak is on the ground floor to your property and there are no rooms or other people living below then there should be less water damage to the property. But if the leak is in the upstairs to the property then try and contain the leak with bowls and old towels placed between the joists.

These steps can help you to temporarily deal with a pipe leak until permanent repairs can be made.

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