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Clearing a blocked sink

Updated: Aug 31

Blocked soil pipe

I am going to be perfectly honest with you about clearing a blocked sink,wash hand basin, bath or shower tray.

Most of the things they advise to unblock these on the internet are rubbish they make it look so easy. And I am not saying this to get extra work, I am saying this because it is true. For a start the blockage is not always in the trap it could be further along the waste pipe, in some cases the blockage could be a build up of fat or hair in the boss connection as it joins onto the main stack pipe which is either internal or external. What do you do when you have wasted a few hours going out and buying these so called products to unblock your sink etc, and then spend the rest of the day trying to unblock it. I tell you what you do call a expert in who can identfiy where the blockage is and clear it a lot faster then you can. In my experience you take a gamble with these so called DIY drain clearing products. [ dont hold your breath ] believe me or not but there is a certain amount of skill know how and years of experience in how to clear blockages, remember people do this for a living.

Below are a few ideas they say can work.

1. The Bent wire coat hanger

Never used one in my 40 Years as a Plumber, but people I have spoke to have had no luck

2. Caustic Soda

Very stong substance and can solidifie in the waste pipe and make the blockage worse.

3. Rubber plunger

Use one all the time but still can be hit or miss wheather it clears the blockage.

4. Wire cable manual operated snake brought from DIY stores

In my experience complete rubbish [ but dont take my word. ] Only electric operated ones do the job.

5. Sulphuric acid drain cleaner

Now this one can be really dangerous so take care and it is once again hit and miss. In most shops who stock this now it is only sold to Registered Plumbers.

6. Mr Muscle

100% no comment

Its may seem simple to unblock a sink etc but take it from me its not always easy.

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