• Terry Minns

Burst Flexi Hoses

Flexi hoses are becoming more and more of a problem due to them spliting and causing flooding thoughout your home. If your lucky and you at home when this happens you can save your house from being flooded and causing thousands of pounds worth of damage. Over the past few Months I have had emergency call outs to various homes where this has occurred, Now one of the most common causes of flooding within the home is from a split flexi hose. Nearly all kitchen and basin mono block mixer taps are sold with flexi hoses and water connections to baths and toilets are sometimes fitted with flexi hoses. Time has moved on from the old days when only copper was used, now flexi hoses are the preferred method for connecting up sanitary ware. Flexi hoses have a limited lifespan of up to five years, so when purchasing sink or basin mono block mixer taps check how long the warranty period is. And always have a pair of good quality isolation valves fitted to all your sanitary ware and the kitchen sink, which on new properties is a legal requirement, plus always make sure your main internal stop valve works correctly and can shut off the water supply in times of an emergency. Also if your buying flexi hoses or having them fitted by a Plumber ensure they are WRAS Approved [ Water regulations advisory scheme ] The most important thing is prevention, You can always do a visual inspection on your hoses to check if there are any signs of the hose breaking down. And if your going away for any length of time shut your main stop valve off. Another tip is always buy taps with brand names like Bristan, Crosswater, Hudson and Reed, Flova uk, Grohe, Pegler, the list goes on and on all made from the highest quality materials, beware of foreign imports

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