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Updated: Jun 6

Surestop is one of the best and easiest way to isolate your incoming mains supply with just a flick of a switch, amazing British product which has been on the market for a good few years. The old crutch handle brass or gun metal stop-cock surely must be getting a thing of the past, its been around for nearly a 100 Years, if not used for any long period of time when you need it its either impossible to get to it or seized solid, not good for the older generation or the disabled.

With Surestop its as easy as switching off your light and not effected by lime scale with a full two years guarantee which can be extended for an additional cost, I would recommend this product 100% and have fitted many over the past five Years. Easy to fit for your local registered Plumber with no electrics to it, only works on water pressure.

And NOW Surestop have brought out the next generation of Surestop valves which can work by an app on your mobile [ Fantastic Surestop ] so if your ever away for a long period of time and forgot to turn your water off just switch it off on your mobile device.

A great invention by a great British Company.

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